8 different Types of Bra Styles

Base on years stock underwear export experience, TailorMax Stockloter offer you a simple guide on 10 different bra styles.

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1. Adhesive Bra or Stick-bra

stock ladies silicone bra

These kind of bra stick to the breasts and do no have the straps providing little support to the breasts. These are usually disposable ones made of paper and silicone ones can be used time and again.Common materials for stick-bras are silicone and elastene, and in free size.

2. Balconette or Demi Bra  

balconette bra.jpg

This one creates a perfect square with the straps and is usually preferred for low cut tops and dresses.The balconette bra could fit for all size busts and all breast shapes, and the commone material is cotton, satin, or polyester.

3. Cupless or Shelf Bra

cupless bra

Considered when people talk of erotic lingerie, this bra as the name suggests doesn’t have cups but only the frames and lets the nipples be visible through the outfit. It is popular in western countries, some people call it club bra. This type bra is usually made by material like polyester, or cotton, and some other special material.

4. Front Closure Bra 

front closure bra

These have hooks or eyes at the front rather than the back and provide a seamless back. Also because of the front closure they provide better support, and easier to wear, which is very popular among females who owns heavy breast.

5. Push-up Bra    

push-up bra

These bras use foam or gel to lift the breasts so as to make them look bigger without adding volume. These also are worn to create cleavage. Push-up bras are good for women with subtle breasts to make a visible deep neckline.

6. Sports Bra 

sport bra

Sports bra, of course, is used by sports women as they give better support making the shoulder movement much easier. These are designed to make physical activity much easier and comfortable. And most sports bras made by cotton or polyester which offers the sporters comfortable feel.

7. Triangle Bra

triangle bra

Triangle bra is very common in the bikinis or beach wear, this bra is meant to provide the coverage only rather than support. The cups of the bra are in the shape of triangles. This style bra is usually made by polyester and cotton.

8. Corset Bra

corset bra

This bra is so designed so that it shapes the upper part of the body and makes it easier for the bride to fit in her wedding dress. This one is usually done to decrease volume and give shape to the overall upper part of women. Ladies usually use corset when they wear wedding dress and someother tight fitted dresses.