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What is Modal Fiber?

Feb 18, 2019

Modal is a kind of cellulose fiber, which belongs to the same cellulose fiber as rayon and is a pure artificial fiber. Modal materials are made from a wood pulp which made from European shrubs and then made by a special spinning process. Despite its poor stiffness, modal fiber is mostly used in the garment accessories production, because of its excellent softness and hygroscopicity.

modal fabric image--TailorMax Stockloter

Modal can also be woven in the weaving process, what’s more, it can be mixed with other yarns to be woven into a wide variety of fabrics. Modal fibers meet the requirements of the ECO-TEX standard and are physiologically harmless and biodegradable. It is particularly advantageous for textiles that come into direct contact with the body, and the fine fibers give the knitted fabric a comfortable wearing performance, soft, flowing drape, and high hygroscopicity.

Because of this, more an more garments factories have begun to use the fiber as the raw material to manufacture pajamas, sportswear and underwear.