What is the OZ means on the Jeans Hanging Label?

Denim material is a kind of cotton textile that's probably most associated blue jeans. The most common color of denim is indigo, which is made using blue and white threads. Denim is sold by weight, so a yard of 5 OZ denim weighs 5 OZ. Denim runs from 5 to 32 OZ. The lower the number, the softer and more flexible the fabric, while the higher numbers are heavier and stiffer. OZ. refers to the weight measure, ounce, which is short for ounces per square yard, when reference to the denim material’s weight.


When garment designers or makers choosing the right denim for their products, they will want to consider the needs of the garment. For example, a 20 OZ denim is not going to bend and move for most garment uses. A 5 OZ denim is not going to provide heavy enough denim for jeans or jackets. Knowing that denim runs from 5 to 20 OZ and that the less the weight, the lighter, softer, loft the denim will have, the garment designers or makers can purchase or request samples of the weights.

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Generally, 10 to 14 OZ is used for denim jeans, tops, skirts, and lower will be used for nice skirt, shirt, otherwise, the OZ number higher than 15 is more often to be used for bags, such as stand-on-its-own type of tote bag, or some other ways.  

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