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Comments from Mr. Richard, USA

It was in May of 2017 when Mr. Richard placed an order of one 40HQ container of stock flip flops to our company and made 30% deposit in time. He even did not check the samples before deposit. And since the stock products were made for a very famous chain stores in USA, we thought he should have had clear idea of the quality. That's why we got surprised when Richard said he was not satisfied with the quality at all when he saw the shipping samples we arranged to him after deposit payment arrrived in our account. After that Richard tried all efforts to talk to his buyer but eventually he cancelled the order. We felt regretful but refunded the deposit to Richard in time. The deposit refunding is very normal to us but it was after half a year when we received an email from Richard talking about another stocklot that we realized that Richard was so happy when he got the TT copy of the refunding from our bank. He said TailorMax is "Straight People or Company". We really appreciate your comments, Richard.


Comments from Mr. Navin, India

Really good website...Very much useful...I am doing stock lot for 15years I have never seen such a transparent stock details...You people are genuine...This will save time and money.



Comments from Mr. Jayesh, Australia

Thank you so much for the stock. My buyer absolutely loved it. Packaging and everything was perfect. Pleasure doing business with your company. I will call after Christmas to order one more container of stock.

Comments from Mr. Teddy, USA

Vicky, I would like for you to tell your boss Steven that I am quite impressed at the diligence of your company and professionalism.

Comments from Ms Wendy, Hongkong

Dear Karl, I deeply appreciated how you support our business… and your professional… pls help to relay my message to steven.. we found a good business partner… thanks for TailorMax Team!

Comments from Ms Lee, Singapore

Always so organised and efficient! All the best to me closing the order with u! Tks!

Comments from Mr. Jorge, Chile

I apreciate to be honest. This is the correct way to do bussines !!

Comments from Ms Lee, Singapore

I like your service keeping me posted with pictures...I have some suppliers that I have to keep on calling to check status for samples, during the process of my order, delivery status etc. (I am so tired to do so). Thank you, TailorMax.

Comments from Mr. Christopher, Australia

Thank you Steven...U are good in what you do...Well done.

Comments from Mr. Marvin with 35 business experience, Canada

Nice to see your offers, at least someone is finally putting the offers in a friendly and clean format, I say this because some of the offers you get I have also received probably from same supplier but your way is nicer.

Comments from Mr. Gire David, France.

Hello Steven, just one thing to tell you that your e-mails are really serious work and design!! All is doing to ease work! I receive often e-mails from other stocklot dealers, but only yours are workable.

Comments from Mr. Gahtan Bawazir, UAE

 Mr. Steven, thanks a lot, am glad to work with you on this order.  I need to work with genuine seller like TailorMax...My partner told me that, he is happy that now we have a good reliable business partner in China (That is you), we have in Germany, and India.UAE

Comments from Mr. Asher, Israel

As a professional sourcing company in Israel, we set up an office in Guangzhou in the year of 1999 and have helped many buyers in my country set up business relationship with dozens of Chinese manufacturers. TailorMax is really a very much professional supplier and smart sourcing agent. Thanks to their help, we have shipped to Israel containers of stock building materials with reasonable prices.

Comments from Mr. Enrique Gonzalez, Mexico

Hey guys, how are you doing today?...We got the container of PO#908767 and just finished unloading today. All the products seem well packed and good quality as fresh production. Thank you for your work....You really saved our money. And we are making money together. Salu!

Greetings from Mr. Gilbert Mawhinney, USA

 As a licensed California General Contractor Company of over 30 years, our team has purchased from dozens of building materials suppliers for our residential and commercial projects. We had never received the sensitive, professional service with any other supplier as we have with team of TailorMax. They did a wonderful job in supplying us with stock granite tiles by their very careful and professional inspection so we can rest assured that there are no issues with our clients. Thank you Steve and the whole TailorMax Team.